RATTLER best OGN of 2016?!

Multiversity Comics has complied their best graphic novels of 2016. It's a tremendous selection of books featuring the third volume of John Lewis' MARCH series, How to Talk to Girls by the powerhouse trio of Neil Gaimen, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bra, Longest Day of the Future from Brian Salvatore, GHOST the latest book from NYT best seller Raina Telgemeier and to my great surprise, THE RATTLER from Greg Hinkle and myself. 

Being mentioned in the same breathe as any of these books would be enough to humble me but somehow THE RATTLER ended up on top of that list as their pick for best OGN of 2016. I came across the news via a Twitter badge on my phone. I took a quick glance at the article and went back to work, filing it away as a trick of my imagination. It was only later when it was forwarded to me again did allow myself to think,  "Oh wait, this is a real thing."

I spend 90% of my time in a dark room, surrounded by masks, staring at a screen and mumbling to myself. It's extremely gratifying to know that my work is continuing to be discovered and appreciated. Many thanks to Leo Johnson and Multiversity Comics! 



iFanboy covers The Rattler

The iFanboy crew delves into The Rattler with an extended review and conversation.  Always great to hear how folks interpret the book and if they think there is a super natural element to the story or not. I have known iFanboy's Ron Richards since High School, I use to torment him for reading the X-Men, so his insight into my work will always be a little more personal.



I'm going to miss old whats his name...

Brief update! 

I have decided to take an extended break from social media and other sources of aggravation and distraction. I have too many projects that need my focus and attention right now. That said, I'll probably come crawling back when I have a project to announce. 

Until then, I will leave you with this semi drunken rant from years past.


The Storycraft podcast is rerunning an interview I originally gave in 2013. Recorded over a six pack in San Francisco Duboce park, Kraig Rasmussen and I reflect on our first decade in comics. It's both amusing and horrifying to hear where my head was at in that moment.  We complain, gossip and generally shit talk our way through an amusing 90 minutes. Which, if I'm being honest, is more time than even I'd like to spend with my own thoughts but to each their own.

Kraig and I are currently collaborating on a graphic novel and I can confidently tell you, if nothing else, it will be gorgeous to look at. 

ABANDON and THE CROSSING debut on Stela


I have two new graphic novels debuting on the Stela comics app. If you're not familiar with Stela, they are a brand new comic reading app featuring exclusive content from todays top comic book talent (and me). The comics are displayed in a continually scrolling style like Tumblr and formatted for smaller screens like phones and tablets. The app is free to download and the first chapter of each series is free. 


THE CROSSING is a coming of age story on an alternate earth where Neanderthals survived and are in conflict with humans. Also, body altering crystals and love triangles. 

I describe ABANDON as 2001 A Space Odyssey meets Ten Little Indians. The story follows 6 volunteers on a one way trip to colonize Mars...and one of them might be a killer.