About Me 


Halloween 1982, never forget.

Halloween 1982, never forget.

"What is your story, and how will it be experienced?"

Jason McNamara is a storyteller with experience in print, digital, and animation. He is also a professor at Pacific Northwest College of Art where he teaches scriptwriting.

He is the creator (or co-creator) of numerous graphic novel titles, including THE RATTLER, THE CICADA, SUCKER, GHOST BAND, NOCTURNAL COMMISSIONS and CRUMBLE.

Jason is currently a creative consultant for the Golden State Warriors, where...he can't disclose what he does, but you should know he enjoys it. Previously he co-created the PIE Theory ARG experience for JAVA FX and Crimson Consulting. And he has worked with Maximum Games where he wrote the PS4 Game EXTINCTION and created content for other releases.

Born and raised on Long Island, Jason spent his summers and weekends working on his father’s clam boat (he still hates seafood). He left for the west coast before his accent became irreversible and after a 13-year stint in the Bay Area he, his wife and their two dogs have settled in Portland Oregon.

Jason has a degree in communication, has a blue belt in MMA, can drive a manual transmission and is certified in ASL (but is very out of practice).

His dream project would be to write the sequel to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. No, really.