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Halloween 1982; Never forget.

Halloween 1982; Never forget.


The place stunk of blood and sawdust.  As the butcher prepared my pop's order, I spun the creaky, lopsided comic rack.  Batman, Spider-Man and The Hulk were familiar friends from Television. Riding home on my father’s shoulders, my jacket filled with Pork Chops and 35 cent adventures, I was drunk with excitement.  But then,  suddenly, without warning…

“Jason” my father warned, “Don’t turn around.  Two-Face is right behind us.”

Aw crap, Two-Face was the worst of the bunch that chased us home.  I held on tight to my father's sweatshirt as he broke into a run.  After narrowly escaping certain death, I would gorge myself on meat products, four color funnies and, if I was lucky, a baby can of Budweiser to calm my 5 year old nerves.

Why do I write graphic novels?  Because I want every child in America to believe Two-Face is going to chop them into little pieces.

-Jason McNamara