SUCKER Volume One is now available on Comixology!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, here's your chance to grab a hot digital slice of grind-house vampire terror. The first Volume of SUCKER is now available for purchase on Comixology! Co-written and pencilled by Tony Talbert, Inked and Edited by John Heebink, colored by Paul Little and co-written and produced by myself, this mayhem filled 64 page experience can be yours for $5.99!



Sucker Vol. 1: Living After Midnight

When the last vampire returns to plunge the human race into a hellscape of death and depravity, a disbanded team of vampire hunters are forced to reunite. Can a brass knuckle wielding priest and a half-drunk deadbeat get it together before the human race sucks on its last breathe? 

A 64 page pulse pounding, grind house vampire romp for mature readers! Includes additional Kickstarter extras!

The Cicada descends this winter!

I am extremely proud to announce my next comic project, The Cicada! 



***Evoluzione 2.0 Announcement***
The Cicada by Jason McNamara, Jordi Perez, and Paul Little
Every thirteen years a child killer returns to Braddock, Texas. As the small town prepares itself for a new cycle of terror, teenage progidy Emma Dale has plans of her own. She’s going to get the hell out of this town, even if it kills her. 
Coming Winter 2018 

SUCKER Kickstarter is alive and biting.

In the 1980's, Bruce Jacobs was a ruthless vampire stockbroker, living under the radar and partying like a king. But his excesses sent him into a self-imposed exile. Since then, an unscrupulous pharmaceutical industry has decimated the vampire population in an effort to duplicate their longevity.  

Now, Jacobs has re-emerged to discover that, as the last surviving vampire, he alone controls the most precious commodity of all: immortality. 

And he's not looking to share...


SUCKER is completely finished and ready to go to the printer! That can't happen without the support of an adventurous audience. Tony Talbert, John Heebink, Paul Little and I have created a subversive little horror gem that I am extremely proud of. Please take a look at our Kickstarter page and see what we've been up to. If you backed the RATTLER campaign, you know I don't mess around on Kickstarter.


Script Doctor: Patient Zero

As a fan of genre films, I am fascinated by the challenge of extending these storyworlds into sequels. When a seemingly one-off picture becomes a success, studios often find themselves scrambling to produce followups that justify extending a premise or storyworld. As much as I revere these movies, I sometimes wish their scripts had another polish. So I’ve decided to hire myself as an unsolicited script doctor to some of my favorite genre sequels. My intent is not to disparage the original creators but to recontextualize their work outside the pressure and timeframes in which it was created.

My plan is to approach each film as if I were hired by the producers to punch up scripts shortly before they are filmed. I’ll be identifying what I perceive to be weaknesses with the story structure and character arcs, then I will follow up with a revised story treatment that addresses these concerns. I will not be addressing casting decisions, actor availability, soundtracks or location choices. I consider these elements “locked in.” I will also try to keep my revisions within the final film’s budget.

For my process, I will be reviewing the theatrically released versions; I acknowledge this incorporates a level of foresight as many films contain reshot material that would not be represented in a pre-production script. When available, I will also familiarize myself with alternate cuts, novelizations and ancillary material to help create a total problem-solving draft.

I’ll be breaking the work into two columns. The first week I will be identifying my concerns with the script in an examination. In the second week I will be prescribing a treatment that corrects my concerns.

The point of this is to have fun and to play in the sandbox of my favorite franchises. It is more or less fan fiction and a problem solving exercise on my own part. If you do not agree with my suggestions, I have fantastic news; the original films aren’t going anywhere.

The Script Doctor's first patient? Halloween II (1981). 


RATTLER best OGN of 2016?!

Multiversity Comics has complied their best graphic novels of 2016. It's a tremendous selection of books featuring the third volume of John Lewis' MARCH series, How to Talk to Girls by the powerhouse trio of Neil Gaimen, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bra, Longest Day of the Future from Brian Salvatore, GHOST the latest book from NYT best seller Raina Telgemeier and to my great surprise, THE RATTLER from Greg Hinkle and myself. 

Being mentioned in the same breathe as any of these books would be enough to humble me but somehow THE RATTLER ended up on top of that list as their pick for best OGN of 2016. I came across the news via a Twitter badge on my phone. I took a quick glance at the article and went back to work, filing it away as a trick of my imagination. It was only later when it was forwarded to me again did allow myself to think,  "Oh wait, this is a real thing."

I spend 90% of my time in a dark room, surrounded by masks, staring at a screen and mumbling to myself. It's extremely gratifying to know that my work is continuing to be discovered and appreciated. Many thanks to Leo Johnson and Multiversity Comics!