Short-Hand reviewed!

My one-shot noir comedy Short-Hand is finally available on the Comixology reading app! Illustrated by the incredibly talented Rahsan Ekedal, Short-Hand was previously only available at conventions. You can buy it now for 1.99!

Oscar is an 80-year-old detective hoping to crack one more case. When a thief begins targeting the elderly, Oscar goes undercover to catch him. But can Oscar crack the case before his own secrets destroy him? 

Comic Legend James Robinson was the first to Review Short-Hand in 2011, calling the book “Quite simply wonderful.” Since launching the book on Comixology we’ve received some kind words of praise. 

"McNamara writes an absolutely stellar story" 

-Cody Ferrell @ Comic Book Therapy. 

"one of the most quick-witted comics you’re going to come across"

-Henry Chamberlain @ Comics Grinde 

"a compelling one-and-done detective story"

-Andrew Sanford @ Comic Spectrum

So if you get the chance please check out Short-Hand, the project is a labor of love from Rahsan and I and we would love to tell more stories of our cantankerous sleuth. 


Cover to Comixology edition.  

Cover to Comixology edition.