The Rattler impresses reviewers!

Greg and I sent out some early review copies of The Rattler and have have been blown away by the critical reaction. Positive word of mouth, and Greg's beautiful artwork, has led the Kickstarter to succeed in a mere 55 hours! Here's a quick round up of what advance reviewers had to say. 

Hinkle’s world, like McNamara’s, is a terrifying place, and the art makes the script even better, which is always nice.
— Greg Burgas Comic Book Resources
a truly fantastic piece of work from McNamara that delivers on all fronts. Hinkle’s art really elevates the story.
— Cody Ferrel Comic Book Resources
I’m thankful to know that a graphic novel can still keep me on the edge of my seat with every panel.
— Bobby D Nerdlocker
This book was pure excitement from the first page to the last!
— Rob Caprilozzi Comic Monsters

The campaign has been funded and now every pledge is a pre-order for the book, which ships in August.