I'm going to miss old whats his name...

Brief update! 

I have decided to take an extended break from social media and other sources of aggravation and distraction. I have too many projects that need my focus and attention right now. That said, I'll probably come crawling back when I have a project to announce. 

Until then, I will leave you with this semi drunken rant from years past.


The Storycraft podcast is rerunning an interview I originally gave in 2013. Recorded over a six pack in San Francisco Duboce park, Kraig Rasmussen and I reflect on our first decade in comics. It's both amusing and horrifying to hear where my head was at in that moment.  We complain, gossip and generally shit talk our way through an amusing 90 minutes. Which, if I'm being honest, is more time than even I'd like to spend with my own thoughts but to each their own.

Kraig and I are currently collaborating on a graphic novel and I can confidently tell you, if nothing else, it will be gorgeous to look at.