SUCKER Volume One is now available on Comixology!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, here's your chance to grab a hot digital slice of grind-house vampire terror. The first Volume of SUCKER is now available for purchase on Comixology! Co-written and pencilled by Tony Talbert, Inked and Edited by John Heebink, colored by Paul Little and co-written and produced by myself, this mayhem filled 64 page experience can be yours for $5.99!



Sucker Vol. 1: Living After Midnight

When the last vampire returns to plunge the human race into a hellscape of death and depravity, a disbanded team of vampire hunters are forced to reunite. Can a brass knuckle wielding priest and a half-drunk deadbeat get it together before the human race sucks on its last breathe? 

A 64 page pulse pounding, grind house vampire romp for mature readers! Includes additional Kickstarter extras!