SUCKERS at the Gate

Basement Fulfillment Center

Basement Fulfillment Center

As of today all SUCKER related rewards, minus a few stragglers who haven't given me their address yet, have been mailed off! It has been a few years since I executed a mass mailing at this scale, I definitely received a bruising re-education from the Post Office (the blood stained envelopes are not winning me any popularity contests with the mail carriers). Thankfully, we were able to roll with the punches, problem solve and still get the books out ahead of our original November target. 

I want everyone who backed the campaign to think of themselves as a publisher because that is who you are now. You made this book happen and the team could not be more grateful to you for doing so. Tony, John, Paul and I have spent so much of our comics careers waiting for permission to do what we love. Adventurous readers, such as yourselves, have freed us from that byzantine mechanism.

Thank you! 

What's next for SUCKER? Tony and John are hard at work on Volume Two and I can honestly say, the story has left our hands and become its own beast. And a hungry one at that. As with the first volume I don't want to come back to KS until V2 is completely lettered and ready to go to press. 


If anybody wants to tag the SUCKER creators on their networks, here is our social info. FYI, Tony is off the grid and living in a faithful recreation of 1978, we try not to disturb him with news from the future.









Not the first blood stains I’ve had to get out of my trunk.

Not the first blood stains I’ve had to get out of my trunk.

Upwards, onwards!