Adjusting the Values

This was an exercise I recently went through with my students, and I thought it was worth sharing here. Every company in the world has a set of values that they expect their employees to exemplify. When an employee says or does something, usually on social media, that conflicts with the values of their employer they are let go for not upholding the company’s values. But what about for freelancers? You can’t exactly fire yourself (I would if I could). Freelancers hold many roles within the organization that is their career. It’s one thing to uphold your values when you are creating work or collaborating but what about when you are setting up at a convention space, dealing with vendors or looking for parking? Because when you are the company, you have to live your values 24/7. That is why I think it is essential to document your values and post them in your workspace. Here’s my list. Am I missing anything? What are your own values as a creator?