The Rattler, a riveting, screamingly, dark and wonderful story.
— Brad Gischia @ bag & bored
McNamara hauntingly explores just how easy it is for good people to go bad.
— Publishers Weekly
Loss, grief, determination, and love; The Rattler refuses to let go.
— Alex Mansfield @ All-Comic Review
McNamara has written a fun story that jumps from drama to horror to murder to psychological thriller and back again.
— Andrew McGlinn @ The Big Comic Page
McNamara’s writing digs into the very soul of you, exploring every horrible and dark nook and cranny you wish you didn’t know about.
— Alice W. Castle @ Multiversity Comics
McNamara crafts a solid story with many intricate layers.
— Rob Caprilozzi @
a truly fantastic piece of work from McNamara that delivers on all fronts
— Cody Ferrell @ Comic Book Therapy
Jason and Rahsan’s comic is quite simply wonderful. In fact I’m somewhat in awe of how clever and well told the comic is.
— James Robinson (Starman, Fantastic Four) @
the twist at the end will flick you in your heart place and put you in the mood for more.
— Jason Tabrys @
Short Hand art from Rahsan Ekedal

Short Hand art from Rahsan Ekedal

this is definitely one of the most quick-witted comics you’re going to come across.
— Henry Chamberlain @
McNamara writes an absolutely stellar story. It’s a fantastic detective story, character piece, and emotional rollercoaster.
— Cody Ferrell @
McNamara’s characters and dialogue are a lot of fun.
— Don MacPherson @
a compelling one-and-done detective story.
— Andrew Sanford @
The Rattler.  Illustrated by Greg Hinkle.

The Rattler. Illustrated by Greg Hinkle.

dark humor that has you both laughing out loud and staring open-mouthed in morbid fascination
— Avril Brown @
the final few pages of particularly dark humor left me laughing out loud.
— Brian Fies (Mom's Cancer) from his blog
a great read for those looking for something better from your indie books
— Ryan McLelland @
Mr. McNamara’s prose and Ms. Braddock’s pencils compliment each other perfectly and are a credit to a collaborative medium.
— Ian Gonzalez @
The Martian Confederacy. Illustrated by Paige Braddock.

The Martian Confederacy. Illustrated by Paige Braddock.

The Martian Confederacy is brimming with a gonzo sense of humor...brilliant ideas, engaging characters, and an undercurrent of socially relevant themes.
— Josh Finney @
I simply couldn’t put The Martian Confederacy down until I had finished it, and when I was all done, I wanted more.
— Ron Richards (Image Comics) @
a nice balance of fun, weird, sexy, dramatic and touching.
— Brian McDonough @
McNamara’s script crackles right along, with plenty of wit and wry humor
— Greg Burgas @ Comic Book Resources
Art Show Flyer designed by James Sime featuring art by Tony Talbert.

Art Show Flyer designed by James Sime featuring art by Tony Talbert.

Continuity is a powerful piece of urban horror, turning teenage angst into creeping Armageddon.
— Mathew Craig @
a compelling read with characters that easily immerse you into their lives
— J.H. Williams (Batwoman) from his blog
Continuity has an emotional depth and resonance
— Dorian Wright @
It’s a loss of innocence symbolized here intelligently and respectively, never forgetting to be entertaining in the process
— Ambush Bug @
The Rattler  illustrated by Greg Hinkle.

The Rattler illustrated by Greg Hinkle.

First Moon is a dark, gothic fairytale. Atmospheric. Eerie even. But ultimately heartwarming.
— Sean Fahey @
First Moon is a well-charted graphic story that makes smart use of its historical back tale.
— Bill Sherman @
(Operation Ajax) is a must-read for fans of comics and history.
— Rob LeFebre @
a rollicking adventure, its very well done.
— Craig Lemon @